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Alright, I’ve fucking had it with the stupidity of you people. I did not lose my faith in god because I wanted to; I lost my faith in god because god gave me no reliable evidence to believe in him. None. And to continue believing on “FAITH”?! Why? All I have to go on is my parents belief’s, and those around me. To believe in something, to have faith in something, you must have SOMETHING to sow that seed of faith, some base to go upon. Why do you not believe in the boogeyman? Because there is no reliable evidence to prove his existence, and going on pure faith is ludicrous. PURE faith is believing that the boogeyman is real. PURE faith is baseless, and pointless. To continue believing in god, to have faith in god, I needed something to hold on to. ALL I HAD WAS UNRELIABLE BULLSHIT!!

When confronted with the first pelt of a platypus, man called it a farce, fabricated by enemies to confuse. And yet there was a pelt. There was evidence. There was SOMETHING!! And that first pelt was unreliable evidence, for one instance is not enough. Yet beyond that first bit of unreliable evidence, there was more and more reliable evidence. Where is gods evidence? All you have is stories. Fucking stories!! Passed down from generation to generation and taught as truth. You hold up your holy books and cry “Here is the evidence of god!!” What the fuck is wrong with you?! Who does that?! Pull your head out of your ass and think for one fucking minute about what you’re actually saying. You’re saying that god exists because a book says he does, you point to millions of people and say, “How can these many millions be wrong? You cannot delude and fool so many people!” MOTHERFUCKER! WORLD WAR FUCKING II. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID!

I have a question for you. If god asked you to kill someone, would you? It’s not murder because god has decreed that this person must die. And if god wants this person to die, then they will die. After all, he’s fucking omnipotent. He has decreed that this person is evil in his sight and must die. After all, god loves killing sinners and evildoers. “No he doesn’t! God is the epitome of peace and love!” BIBLE MOTHERFUCKERS!! THE BOOK OF MORMON!! HAVE YOU READ IT THEM? NOAH AND THE FUCKING FLOOD! SODOM AND GOMORRAH! LABAN! THE CANAANITES, THE AMMONIHAHITES, YOU NAME IT, IF THEY WERE EVIL, GOD FUCKING KILLED THE SHIT OUT’A THEM.

When confronted with the problem of “If god loves us, why did he let Hitler kill so many Jews?!” and my answer was, well, the main line of god’s reasoning for us being here on earth was to earn our place in heaven, by living good lives, and being good people according to his will. And you can’t earn shit if you don’t have the ability to decide things for yourself. And if god interfered with Hitler’s free will, then he would have made Hitler’s test invalid. Can’t go and make break the rules of your own game now can we? But wait a minute, if you must give man every chance to redeem himself, if it’s never too late, then you musn’t interfere at all. Man must continue until he is dead and cold in the ground, until he stands before the lord at the last day, and is judged for his crimes. WTF?! But god killed all those people!!! HE FUCKING KILLED BILLIONS OF PEOPLE!! HE INTERFERED WITH THE TEST!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!! YOU WANT ME TO SIT HERE AND TAKE THIS BULLSHIT?! FUCK YOU!

I’ve been asked, “Just come back and try, one more time! Really ask god on your knees, and pray REAAAALY hard!” Let me put it this way, I have just walked out of the forest, I see the beautiful world around me, the wonder of science and evolution, the beauty of humanity, and you WANT ME TO LEAVE THAT AND COME BACK IN THE FUCKING FOREST TO WORSHIP THE INVISIBLE GOD YOU KEEP ON THE DRESSER IN YOUR TREEHOUSE?!

Ok to be honest the requests were not that childish, I just dumbed it down because I’m angry and don’t care. 


And even better, anyone who is Mormon who sees this will think to themselves: “Wow, that prophet was right(I don’t remember who it was, but you will so that’s all that matters), when people leave the church, they become it’s worst enemies. He really knew what he was talking about” Well no shit dumbass, you’d be pissed to if you realized your whole fucking life has been a lie!

I’m done. I will live my life, the way I see it. My children will live their lives free of the dogma, contradiction, fear and hate that is the god you have created. Even if this god were real, he is not worthy of my worship. God of peace? Yeah fucking right. Fuck you.

And one last thing. The “Official” stance of any organized body, doesn’t mean shit. It’s the ideas and stances of the people within that body, that matter. If the people are bigots, and the body isn’t fixing that, then the body is a bigot, whatever it may say.

Addendum: For those of you who believe in a god, but don’t shove it in other people’s faces, keep to yourselves and generally let people be people, this post isn’t about you. It is about bigots and sowers of hatred. 

Edit: Wow, I was angry just a bit.


Ignorance and Want

So my beef today is with everyone who blames the worlds problems on incorporeal things, like religion, or politics, or anything along those lines.  The very thought is ludicrous.  How can an intelligent human being come to the conclusion that the horrible things that have happened in this world are all because of “insert idea here”?  Again, the very thought is ludicrous.  Now, I will not say that these things are not linked to a majority of the tragic events that have happened in our world.  The crusades, ethnic cleansing, racism, the Salem witch trials, the persecution of my very own people in the states during the 1800’s.  All because (mostly) someone was of a different thoughtline.  So how can I say that these are not to blame for all of these problems?  Because it so obviously isn’t.  That’s like saying that guns are responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  Or that rope is responsible for millions of strangling’s and executions.

All these things have a commonality.  They are tools that are used for good and evil.  But religion, politics, things such as this reside in the realm of the human mind.  They are the product of inspiration, ignorance or drug induced haze.  And they have an enormous advantage over those other, mere physical objects.  They shape our entire existence.  This makes it a much more powerful tool than guns or swords or ropes.  An idea is one the most powerful things in the universe.  But it is still just a tool, that can be used for good or evil.  And religion has an even greater advantage over all other ideas.  I think I can safely say, that in the entire history of man, there is only one passion that is stronger than our passion for religion.  That is love.   Man will lay down his very life to protect those that he holds dear.  And religion comes next.

Religion is a universal idea.  It has existed since the beginning of time.  It is an idea of such magnitude, that love, though stronger, is swallowed in its immensity.  But religion is not as black and white as it used to be.  Back before the days of science and discovery, I’m pretty sure it was either you believed in this god, or you believed in that god.  Now, it is you believe in this god, or you believe in that god, or you don’t believe in any god, or you believe in this person, or you believe in that person, or you believe and so on and so forth.  So, I think a good definition of religion for today would be :  A specific fundamental set of beliefs agreed upon by a number of persons or groups.  This is my own definition, and I use it because I think that you can apply it to all.

At the moment, the generally accepted definitions of the three big ones.  Religion, Politics, and Atheism.

What is Religion?

1.  God created us, the universe and everything.

2.  After we die, we will go to heaven and eventually be resurrected as immortal, glorified beings of great power and wisdom, or be reincarnated as someone or something else.

What is Atheism?

1.  That the creation of the universe came about though natural means, in accordance with the laws of the universe.

2.  That after we die, that is the end of existence.  There is nothing after that. Nill. Nada. Zilch.

What is Politics?  (Really this is here because the other two needed definitions, and politics felt left out, because while it is more of a game that you play based on your beliefs rather than a set of beliefs, it is a very powerful force, and it has a powerful influence on our lives.)

1.  That everything you have is mine, and that I want it.

2. I don’t like the way this is, so I’m going to fix it.

So, I think you could safely say that atheism and politics are religions as well.  So, with this new definition of religion in mind, I say that religion is not to blame for all of our problems.  It is man, and his hatred of the “different”.   If you were to take away the very existence of “insert idea here”, all of the genocide, crusades, and persecution, it all would still have happened.  Because people develop differently, and ideas develop and grow differently, and almost all of those problems stem from our inability or refusal to cope rationally with something different.  When we see something different, instead of acting on our emotions, we reacts to our emotions.  Instead of trying to find a balance, or accept these people for their beliefs, we takes it upon ourselves to “educate ” these barbaric heathens.  We decide to eradicate those infidels and their false gods.  Why?  IT IS SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS!  Almost every single act of evil that has been committed is because of this.  And all the others happened because we wanted something.

In the Roger O. Hirson adaptation of Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”, there is a scene with the Ghost of Christmas past.  He is about to leave Scrooge, but before he does, he has a last bit of advice.  Opening his robes, he reveals two small, emaciated children, a boy and a girl.  Upon seeing them Scrooge asks “Who are they?! Who do they belong to?”.  The Ghost replies “They are your children.  They are the children of all who walk the earth unseen.  Their names are Ignorance and Want.  Beware of them, for upon their brow, is written the word “Doom”.  They spell the downfall of you and all who deny their existence.”  This is a perfect analogy, and it really didn’t hit me how perfect it was until I was preparing for this post.

Ignorance and Want.

Through ignorance, man see’s that which is different from the norm, and because he does not understand it,  he goes one of two ways.  He will fear it, then hate it.  This path usually ends in him doing something tragic.  Or he will fear it, but will try to understand it, and, through understanding, he will accept it.

Through want, man see’s that which he wants and will take one of three paths.  He will obtain it by force or manipulation.  Or he will obtain it by equivalent exchange.  Or he will go without it entirely.

Think about that for a while.

So, when you go off on a rant about how religion is the cause of all the worlds problems, you are displaying your own ignorance, your refusal to acknowledge it, and your own hatred for that which is “different”.



As I was talking with my wife today, we got onto the subject of ADHD, and she mentioned how a friend of hers had recently been diagnosed with it. She said, quoting her “Now I know that all the things I’ve been doing for so long really aren’t normal!” And I thought to myself, “Well, who says that that isn’t normal?” The subject of normality, what makes something “normal”, has always been a point of humor for me, because it is all relative. And yet it is such a force to be reckoned with, that wars have been started over it. My own church is a prime example. In our beginnings we were hated. People drove us out, we were pushed from state to state, our land was taken from us, the women raped, and men, women, and children killed. We even had an extermination order passed against us though to little effect. Why? Because we weren’t normal, because we didn’t “fit in”, we caused too much talk, we were different, weird. (I could go on at length about this subject, but that is not what this post is about).

Now I could make mention of the muslims, but that is a can of worms I’m not ready to open yet. And there might be many other denominations that have similar stories, but since I know my own the best I will stick with it. But if you know of stories such as this, I would very much like to hear them. Please put something in comments about them, as I am always hungering for more knowledge about man and his relation to man and god.

This feels like I’m writing the same as an earlier post, just using different words. But oh well, its another way of looking at it. Really its all coming back to my main point of starting this blog. The Collective. I guess thats my biggest problem with the world, The Collective.

Another Mineral from below the asteroids. thank you and have a good night.