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Religion, Creationism, Science, and how we are teaching our kids the wrong ideas. Part I

Ok, so my bit today is about how much crap we feed our kids these days.  It’s like we’re stupid or something.  When I was growing up, I was spoon-fed a bunch of crap along with all the other kids, in primary class, and in seminary, about how the Big Bang theory was just a bunch of bull, and  how the Lord made everything just the way it is in seven thousand years.  Bullshit.  Why would God give man the ability to discover his world and universe, and have him figure it out wrong.  Science isn’t perfect, it’s just not, man is not perfect either, but we aren’t slouches either, we’re pretty smart.  So how can men and women look at the discoveries other men and women of science have made, and say its all a crock, just because the Good Book doesn’t describe it that way?  I’ll tell you why. The Collective.  That’s why.  Because that’s what little Jimmy and Jane have been tought for the last century, so that’s what is right.  They ignore the amazing discoveries made by man, and say its all crock, just because of the stigma about “Science”.  The stigma that Darwin has given science has made so many people blind about actual factual discoveries.  So many facts, so many amazing things about our worlds history, about the universe’s history.  Ignored because its “science”.  Scientists are the enemy of God, they are heathens, not to be trusted.

Well, all of you creationists, religionistic freaks, get off your high horses, find some of this humility you so often speak of, and learn that the world doesn’t revolve around what you say is and isn’t.  News flash, those scientists you so often fault for being evil, and weak to the “natural man” well guess what, you are just as weak, and you are mortal just like they are.  And at least they are accomplishing something with their knowledge and god given wisdom, and furthering the collective wisdom of man, and not going around telling their kids that what that man on the tv is saying isn’t true, why it just couldn’t be because he’s a “scientist, and he couldn’t possibly know what he’s talking about.  

“Alright kids, today in primary, we’re going to learn about the plan of salvation.  Part of the plan was when God created the earth.  Now, when God made the solar system, it wasn’t a “Big Bang” like those stupid scientists say, haha.  Look I”ll show you.  I’m going to take this pen apart and put it in this bag and shake it.  Now watch what happens.”  (pen parts bounce around in the bag due to inertia, gravity, and forces applied by the teachers hand)  “See it doesn’t just come back together on its own.  That proves that the Big Bang just couldn’t possibly happen.  The planets didn’t just magically come together, and form around the sun in perfect orbit. They were formed by God’s own hand.”  Wait, what?  God’s own hand?

Just a minute.  I remember reading in Lectures on Faith, that God is bound by the laws of the universe, and that if he breaks any of those laws he will cease to be a god.  So, by extension, if he wants to create a planet, he has to use the laws of the universe to do so.  Now I know God is a pretty powerful dude, but I’m sorry, he doesn’t have a hand the size of the sun.  Our very own prophets have taught us that he is a glorified, resurrected being.  And so he can’t just grab a bit of earth here and there, put it together and call it earth.  He must use the laws of physics.  I mean, I guess he could get a freaking ‘illion angels and have them all grab as much matter as they could and create the solar system that way, but it seems like such a waste when the laws of the universe are there to do the job.  So think about it.  Just think about it.  See you tomorrow.

Another mineral from below the asteroids.  Thank you and have a good night.