The Story

The dreams of all that we had.  Where have they gone?  We are here, alone with the remains.  What was our happiness?  What was our life?  Take us home.  Take us to the end of time and life.  The life of love is no more.   The angels of life have come to keep us.  The devils of life have come to slave us.  Our kisses are warm no more.  The lies of life are upon us.  The devils of our past are coming for us.  Heaven is not waiting for us.  The gods have abandoned us.  God of life, grant me strength to live, to survive these devils.  Push us to the ends of the earth, push us over edge.

And when we fall, the world falling away above us, we will smile and think, it’s all over now.  No more worries, no more aching.  My life was good.  I’ve left it well.  I want all of my loved ones to be happy.  I hope they can go on, and remember the good times.  I’m sure they’ll miss me, I loved them so much.  The wonderful days of youth, and growing up.  All of our life, good.  Goodbye my loved ones, I’m going to the stars in my rifter, I think I’ll name her True star, after my love.  And I’ll go, down below the asteroids, and keep myself in the darkness, and watch and watch the lives of those I love.

Bring It

Why is the rain falling? What is my name? Where am I? My head hurts, my hands are bloody. Try to move, pain lances through my chest and leg. I think its broken, a few ribs definitely are. Gritting my teeth through the pain I sit up and get my bearings. I’m in woods somewhere, but not deep, as I can see lights and hear a car or two. Picking myself up I stand on one leg and steady myself still a little wobbly and light-headed. I slowly put pressure on my leg, nope, not broken. Gingerly placing one foot in front of the other I start moving towards the street and lights. No cars have come by for a while. I reach the edge of the trees about ten yards from the street. Across it I can see a pharmacy. The lights are on inside. Funny, there’s no parking lot. Oh well. I make my way across the street and inside. There’s no one at the counter, and no one answers my yells. I laugh to myself. I feel like I’m in that Bourne movie. I browse the aisles and get what I need, bandages and antibiotics. I wash the wound and dress it, and then make my way out, putting more bandages in my pockets as I leave. I throw a couple of dollars on the counter and push through the doors. I see a cars tail lights in the distance. I should be safe. Making my way back across the street, I get into the woods again and keep going. Suddenly I break out of the trees and I am on the street again. Crap, I think this is the wrong way. I hobble out into the street to figure it out. Suddenly I hear a car or truck. It sounds to big to be a car. I start hobbling back across to the trees, but my leg betrays me, and I trip onto my face. It hurts. Funny that I should notice that. I try to push myself up, and the truck, a Bronco, of all things, plows right into my face.

“Shit Shit!! I just hit somebody!” Tires screeching as I hit the brakes, I slam to a stop and jump out, running back. “Shit! He’s definitely dead”. Freaking out, I quickly call the cops. The dispatcher says it’ll be about ten minutes, and gets my information. She asks if I could make sure nobody runs over the body while I wait for the ambulance, I agree, a little freaked out to be guarding the guy I just killed. I grab my emergency flares and stick them in the middle of the road around the curves so the drivers won’t be blindsided by them. Then I settle down to wait. Shit man, this guy is all beat to hell. I could see that this guy was hurt before I hit him. His clothes were ragged and torn, his face covered in old bruises. Man, someone worked this guy over. The cops finally get there, and get the same information I gave the dispatcher and more. They make me take a breathalyzer, and walk the line, then get my story. One officer goes back to the car to check me out, while the other starts going through the guys pockets. He starts pulling leaves and dirt out of them. What the hell? He cuts open his bloody pant leg and reveals a nasty gash, wrapped in what looks like a piece of shirt with more leaves and mud underneath. This is just too weird. The other cop comes back. “He checks out, his girlfriend vouches for him.” The ambulance arrives and they put him on a stretcher and take him away. Flustered and a little unnerved, I climb back into my Bronco. The first cop tells me I need to come to the station and make a statement. The ambulance takes off, and we head out.
The next morning the station calls me, asking me to come down. The same cop is there, with two guys in suits. They start asking me questions. “I was heading to my girlfriends, that’s where I came from.” “No I don’t drink much.” “I came around the curve and hit him, I barely saw him before we connected.” “No I have no idea who he is.” They tell me he was clean. No ID, no wallet nothing but the clothes he was wearing if you could call them that. His prints don’t come up in the computer at all, there’s nothing. We have no idea who this guy is. Nothing in his pockets but leaves, dirt and mud. They let me go and I head back to Conney’s place. I make some coffee, and sit down to read the newspaper. An article’s headline on the second page catches my eye. Local vet missing after return from deployment. I almost drop my coffee. The picture is the guy from last night!. Shit….His face stares at me….


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