Guide to Terms

The Collective

This is what the greater group, or the masses, “collectively” think , and have thought about for since they can remember. And because they have thought this way for so long, they cannot give up, or change their ideas. Now obviously this does not include every single person, there are exceptions. Certain people do not think collectively, and some who do are able to see that the Collective is not always right.


When using the term “God”, it will mostly be used in reference to the most commonly accepted god of Christian religion, the father of Jesus Christ, so on and so forth. Other times it will be used in reference to the common term god, with all the same attributes it denotes as the Christian god, all-powerful, all-seeing, so on and so forth, but not specific to the god of any religion, just a god or personage with godlike attributes. To differentiate between the two, the Christian god will be capitalized, or “God”, whereas the generic god will not, or “god”. Also, the word “Lord” when used, will be in the same context as “God” except where the subject matter obviously denotes a mortal lord or nobleman.

New terms and notes added as needed


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