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Alright, I’ve fucking had it with the stupidity of you people. I did not lose my faith in god because I wanted to; I lost my faith in god because god gave me no reliable evidence to believe in him. None. And to continue believing on “FAITH”?! Why? All I have to go on is my parents belief’s, and those around me. To believe in something, to have faith in something, you must have SOMETHING to sow that seed of faith, some base to go upon. Why do you not believe in the boogeyman? Because there is no reliable evidence to prove his existence, and going on pure faith is ludicrous. PURE faith is believing that the boogeyman is real. PURE faith is baseless, and pointless. To continue believing in god, to have faith in god, I needed something to hold on to. ALL I HAD WAS UNRELIABLE BULLSHIT!!

When confronted with the first pelt of a platypus, man called it a farce, fabricated by enemies to confuse. And yet there was a pelt. There was evidence. There was SOMETHING!! And that first pelt was unreliable evidence, for one instance is not enough. Yet beyond that first bit of unreliable evidence, there was more and more reliable evidence. Where is gods evidence? All you have is stories. Fucking stories!! Passed down from generation to generation and taught as truth. You hold up your holy books and cry “Here is the evidence of god!!” What the fuck is wrong with you?! Who does that?! Pull your head out of your ass and think for one fucking minute about what you’re actually saying. You’re saying that god exists because a book says he does, you point to millions of people and say, “How can these many millions be wrong? You cannot delude and fool so many people!” MOTHERFUCKER! WORLD WAR FUCKING II. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID!

I have a question for you. If god asked you to kill someone, would you? It’s not murder because god has decreed that this person must die. And if god wants this person to die, then they will die. After all, he’s fucking omnipotent. He has decreed that this person is evil in his sight and must die. After all, god loves killing sinners and evildoers. “No he doesn’t! God is the epitome of peace and love!” BIBLE MOTHERFUCKERS!! THE BOOK OF MORMON!! HAVE YOU READ IT THEM? NOAH AND THE FUCKING FLOOD! SODOM AND GOMORRAH! LABAN! THE CANAANITES, THE AMMONIHAHITES, YOU NAME IT, IF THEY WERE EVIL, GOD FUCKING KILLED THE SHIT OUT’A THEM.

When confronted with the problem of “If god loves us, why did he let Hitler kill so many Jews?!” and my answer was, well, the main line of god’s reasoning for us being here on earth was to earn our place in heaven, by living good lives, and being good people according to his will. And you can’t earn shit if you don’t have the ability to decide things for yourself. And if god interfered with Hitler’s free will, then he would have made Hitler’s test invalid. Can’t go and make break the rules of your own game now can we? But wait a minute, if you must give man every chance to redeem himself, if it’s never too late, then you musn’t interfere at all. Man must continue until he is dead and cold in the ground, until he stands before the lord at the last day, and is judged for his crimes. WTF?! But god killed all those people!!! HE FUCKING KILLED BILLIONS OF PEOPLE!! HE INTERFERED WITH THE TEST!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!! YOU WANT ME TO SIT HERE AND TAKE THIS BULLSHIT?! FUCK YOU!

I’ve been asked, “Just come back and try, one more time! Really ask god on your knees, and pray REAAAALY hard!” Let me put it this way, I have just walked out of the forest, I see the beautiful world around me, the wonder of science and evolution, the beauty of humanity, and you WANT ME TO LEAVE THAT AND COME BACK IN THE FUCKING FOREST TO WORSHIP THE INVISIBLE GOD YOU KEEP ON THE DRESSER IN YOUR TREEHOUSE?!

Ok to be honest the requests were not that childish, I just dumbed it down because I’m angry and don’t care. 


And even better, anyone who is Mormon who sees this will think to themselves: “Wow, that prophet was right(I don’t remember who it was, but you will so that’s all that matters), when people leave the church, they become it’s worst enemies. He really knew what he was talking about” Well no shit dumbass, you’d be pissed to if you realized your whole fucking life has been a lie!

I’m done. I will live my life, the way I see it. My children will live their lives free of the dogma, contradiction, fear and hate that is the god you have created. Even if this god were real, he is not worthy of my worship. God of peace? Yeah fucking right. Fuck you.

And one last thing. The “Official” stance of any organized body, doesn’t mean shit. It’s the ideas and stances of the people within that body, that matter. If the people are bigots, and the body isn’t fixing that, then the body is a bigot, whatever it may say.

Addendum: For those of you who believe in a god, but don’t shove it in other people’s faces, keep to yourselves and generally let people be people, this post isn’t about you. It is about bigots and sowers of hatred. 

Edit: Wow, I was angry just a bit.


The Dream

The dream
What a silly dream.  They were, all of them, building.  It was like they were the humans in Warcraft.  Building forts and producing units for war, except there were no units just buildings.  Then a trip came up, and a few of the others were going, and the dreamer had enough to cover the few who didn’t.  A few set out, while the dreamer waited for those who were not ready, standing upon an old wall, that was at some time a battlement.  The castle was sunk into a lake, the wall just a few feet above the surface.  The walls and castle are covered in age, moss growing up in parts, covering portions.  The land starts just behind the castle, hills rolling away, dotted with forts they had built, not knowing why they should.
The wife of one of those who had gone approached the dreamer, flirting and seducing.  He played foolish, ignoring what she was at.  “Hello dreamer” she called, smiling demurely as she walked across the water towards him. “Hello” he answered, not looking in her direction.  “What are you doing up on the wall alone?” She flicked one side of her flimsy robe aside, revealing a clinging gown underneath.  “Waiting for the others” he replied, continuing to ignore her advances and busied himself tossing rocks into the water.  She drew closer asking “Why don’t you come off that wall and come to my bedroom where it is warm?” Suddenly he changed into someone else, a female, with her hands clasped behind her, leaning back with a teasing, ‘I know what you are up to’ look, as the adulteress came close.  And just as quickly she was the dreamer again.  Then a call came from the castle, the rest were ready and they set off.
They are climbing a rope, it is a very thin rope.  And while climbing, they must push a small bag of beans up the rope with them.  There are others also climbing the rope, and those of who are faster pass by them with their beanbags.  As they climb, we see that the rope is now two threads, each running through a top corner of the beanbags.  The dreamer encourages his group to work together, enabling them to reach the top ahead of most.  When they do, the dreamer realizes that they are at the end of a very long line of climbers, who have scaled the cliff already and are now inside the tunnel at the top.  They must wait until the line has moved to climb onto the ledge, and move into the tunnel.  Suddenly the the tunnel grows, pushing out, and forcing those on the rope below up over the ledge, and into the growing tunnel.  The dreamer stands.
The air is clear, and everyone is now clothed in white robes.  He and his friends stand and stare in wonder.  The ceiling cannot be seen, it seems as if it is not there, for the sky is clearly visible above, yet they know it is there.  Looking around, the sides are great windows, and they see a beautiful city.  They are in an immense ship just above the earth.  He cannot see the end of it, long and beautiful, sailing majestically above the earth and city.
Spaced apart on the sides of the ship, are small balconies, with room for two or three people, allowing a view of the outside without the obstruction of the perfect glass.  The dreamer sees a few people step back from one, exclaiming on the beautiful singing of the angels.  He asks about them and is told they are outside the ship.  He steps out, and there they are, three beings, floating in the air.  They are singing, and it is beautiful, but not as beautiful as he believed it would be, yet somehow he is satisfied, like after eating a plain meal.  There was nothing spectacular about it, but it was filling and good, like oatmeal and toast.  Satisfied he steps back in the ship as an older woman in a wheelchair passes by.  He stops her in confusion, “Why are you in a wheelchair?” he asks, taking in a couple of other cripples with her.  “Thats just the way paradise works son” she says, and wheels away with the others.  ‘I guess they’ll have to wait till the resurrection’ he thinks to himself as he moves on.  Looking ahead he sees his parents waiting, how happy they are to see him.  He rushes to them, embracing them with joy.  They begin catching up on old times.
A group of people walk past, exclaiming about a “gift” they have received, and how wonderful it is.  The dreamer asks his father what they are talking about.  His father looks in surprise, “You have not heard?!  You can be granted the wish of seeing any one thing you desire in reality.  Anything, to be able to see it and touch it.  What would you like to to see?”  The dreamer stops, frozen in this news and a realization.  He breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. He has realized that having died, his wife is not with him, he is alone.  He has left her behind.  Their life together had just begun, and now it is over, until she joins him.  I wish to see my wife he thinks, I wish to see my wife.  And the dreamer awakens, this dream on his mind, his heart racing in his chest, tears on his face, his breathing heavy.  Never had the dreamer dreamt such a dream.  Never had a dream affected him so in the physical world.  He felt as if he had actually been crying so uncontrollably, his chest felt the weight of that grief.  And he felt the unfathomable love he knew for his wife.  She was the light of his world.  And would never leave her behind, if at all possible.
I love you.