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God, Gods and Laws

So.  Gods.  What is a god?  In my last post I talked about the laws of the universe, and how God is bound by them because he created them. I would like to slightly retract that. I say God created them, and then I had to take a step back and think.  Wait a minute, we’ve been taught since childhood that the gods and the universe are timeless, infinite, without beginning or end.  So, did God in fact create the laws?  Let me explain.  My God has always been a god, but there have always been gods, this cycle of creation, death and immortality is infinite, without beginning or end.  So, how did the laws of the universe come to be?  Well, I think that science has proven so far that they are existent in all parts of the universe, and since God does not rule all of the universe, then it must be that he did not bring theses laws into existence.  Who then, did?  Did God, the gods, or a god, create them?  Are they, like the gods, timeless?  And since having not created them, instead tweaked them for our specific creation? We are constantly looking out among the stars, searching for other lifeforms.  Searching for planets that can sustain life.  But who is to say that in order for life to exist, it must exist on a planet such as ours, according to the laws?  Are they even the laws of the universe?  Might they be laws of the realms of space under the dominion of our God?  Are they unique to his realms?  Who is to say that the other gods have not specified different parameters for life in their dominions?  Is it possible to manipulate the laws locally?  If so, then the universe might be a very different place than we believe.  Personally I don’t think so, because while there are very many, and very diverse galaxies out there, they all follow the same basic criteria.  At least as far as I know.

Another mineral from below the asteroids.  Thank you and have a good night.