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OK, if you read the blog, you better put some freaking comments in the posts you read.  Man up and put those little thoughts churning around in your mind onto the paper, it’s an open thought blog after all, I want to know what you are thinking.  WHATEVER IT IS! Thank you

Edit:  When I say put whatever you’re thinking in the comments, please make it something about WTF YOU’RE READING!  Random, personal comments are best in messages straight to me.  🙂  Savvy?




As I was talking with my wife today, we got onto the subject of ADHD, and she mentioned how a friend of hers had recently been diagnosed with it. She said, quoting her “Now I know that all the things I’ve been doing for so long really aren’t normal!” And I thought to myself, “Well, who says that that isn’t normal?” The subject of normality, what makes something “normal”, has always been a point of humor for me, because it is all relative. And yet it is such a force to be reckoned with, that wars have been started over it. My own church is a prime example. In our beginnings we were hated. People drove us out, we were pushed from state to state, our land was taken from us, the women raped, and men, women, and children killed. We even had an extermination order passed against us though to little effect. Why? Because we weren’t normal, because we didn’t “fit in”, we caused too much talk, we were different, weird. (I could go on at length about this subject, but that is not what this post is about).

Now I could make mention of the muslims, but that is a can of worms I’m not ready to open yet. And there might be many other denominations that have similar stories, but since I know my own the best I will stick with it. But if you know of stories such as this, I would very much like to hear them. Please put something in comments about them, as I am always hungering for more knowledge about man and his relation to man and god.

This feels like I’m writing the same as an earlier post, just using different words. But oh well, its another way of looking at it. Really its all coming back to my main point of starting this blog. The Collective. I guess thats my biggest problem with the world, The Collective.

Another Mineral from below the asteroids. thank you and have a good night.