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The “Collective”

I’ve thought of a name to describe the phenomenon of identifying certain things with certain ways of thinking.  Such as dresses, lipstick and such being for girls.  The stigma that wearing certain clothes denotes certain ideas, or persona.  Things of this nature, where because that’s the way its been for years, that’s the way it is supposed to be.  Nowhere are these rules written down.  They are unspoken, and yet are enforced, because that’s the way it’s always been.  This phenomenon I shall call, “The Collective”.  If you know of a better name, or know of its actual name, (if it has one) please inform me.

(Here is a good definition of The Collective)


Society, being “Proper”, and success.

I hate the bullshit that is “proper”. Because it has been in society for thousands of years, people look at you as if your crazy, stupid, or lazy etc. Now, I’m not saying we should all go and do crazy shit, like blowing up building, and killing people and such, but why do I have to conform to the general consensus of “proper”? We are not here to be drones, we are here to fully realize our potential. We are here to become ourselves. What point is there in existence if we are not true to ourselves? How can you call your self alive, unique, if you do not be who you are? When you walk out that door, when you walk in that door, you must be YOU. If others cannot accept you for who you are, then they are at fault. If you cannot accept someone for who they are, then you are at fault. Why must I change myself to impress you? Why must I impress you in the first place? What is the point in that? I have pride in myself, of myself, of who I am, not who YOU want me to be. I am successful I say I am, and I did not come to know it BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME. If you if you are a succesful person, and you have gotten there using subterfuge, and by manipulating others, then you are a not a success, you are a failure. Why must position dictate success? if I have what I want, have I not succeed? If my goal is to own a small bookstore in the middle of a po-dunk own in North Dakota, and I accomplish that, have I not succeeded? am I not a success? what does it matter if I do not own millions, what does it matter if the whole world does not know the name of my bookstore? I have achieved my goal, and I am just as much a success as the president of the united states. But the president has the most powerful nation in the world at his fingertips, you say, I am nothing compared to him. How so? We are both human beings, we are both mortal. We both achieved the goals we have, the only difference is the goals. He has his presidency, I have my bookstore. We are both content.

Here is a quick analogy. This is a story I heard once.

One day a successful business man was closing a deal on a plot near a waterfront. He finalized everything, and then took a moment to savor this small victory. As he was walking along the pier, enjoying the beautiful day, he came upon a man in well-worn clothes, leaning back in a chair with his hat over his eyes. “Hello sir” he called, “how are you today?” The man answered, pulling his hat back and sitting up. “I am doing good sir, yourself?” “I am doing well. What do you do here?” “Well I am a fisherman. That’s my boat right there” he said, pointing to a modest sized fishing boat moored nearby. “A fisherman?” the businessman exclaimed?” “But its the middle of the day, why are you not out fishing?” “I’ve caught my load of fish already, I have enough for the day” Hearing this, the businessman cried, “Why don’t you take this time to go catch more fish?” The fisherman looked puzzled, “Why would I do that?” He asked. “Well then you would get more money, and you could get a bigger boat, and go farther out and catch bigger fish and then make even more money” “What would I do then sir?” The businessman was getting slightly irritated, did this man have no ambition? “You could get an even bigger boat, and go out even farther and get more fish and make even more money.” The fisherman still looked puzzled, “But what would I do then? He asked. “Then” said the businessman, thinking back on the deal he just closed and what he would do with the profits. “Then you could sit back and enjoy the finer things in life.” The fisherman, with a smile on his face, said to the businessman, “What do you think I am doing now?”

There is a line that I like, that describes this well. “Sufficient for my needs..” I don’t have to have millions to be successful, I don’t have to own big companies to be successful, I just have to have sufficient for my needs. then I live out my life, with the ones I love, and when I die, if I die happy, with no hardship to man, then I am a success. If I have made other people’s day a little brighter through some good deed, then I am a success.

THAT is what success is. What you want, what your goals are, what effect you have on those around you, determines whether you are a success.

I guess this ended up being more about success than proper, but you get the idea.